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Updated list of students that were qualified for Erasmus+ programme (2018/19)

Dear Students,

Please find attached updated list of students that were qualified for Erasmus+ programme (2018/2019).


All destinations are already in USOS. All students are asked to fill urgently information in usosweb (“student exchange”). Once coordinator will accept finally in USOS your Erasmus destination, you are asked to deliver printed and signed by student formulate to Erasmus Coordinator – deadline: 1th of March (place: office hours of coordinator or you can leave it just at the reception – parter, Collegium Polliticum building).

Please note:

  1. Students from PhD studies, need to have signature from Head of Phd studies
  2. Students from other institute (that “home” one) signature of home coordinator
  3. All students are asked to update theirs email addresses in USOSweb.


Instructions (USOS):

In connection with the changes introduced in the Erasmus + program (Possible multiple trips at one stage studies, etc.) The coordinator is not able to complete the following data from your USOSweb profile. The student must therefore complete the data in thier USOSweb profile.


– Students in the “exchange student / destinations / refill” completes all missing data. The student must answer the question, whether they already participated Erasmus. If so, you must show all the previous trips (Study and practice). If a student was leaving the UW table shows trips which should be copied to the statement. The student should also add other trips, which took place in the framework of the Erasmus program and has not been demonstrated in

table (trips, which were carried out before the introduction of the system information USOS – IRO module, departures from other universities, etc.). The student must also declare what level of language they are proficient of which they will study. For this purpose, the student must indicate “the language of the leading go.” In this section are entered all languages ​​and

their levels resulting from interinstitutional agreement. In the “level of language”

student indicates what level speaks at the stage of qualification. then student

consents to the proposed trip and its terms and conditions, choosing the “save”.

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