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Additional electives for UPIR and GPIR students

Dear students

In the second half of May 2017 we will be offering intensive electives conducted by prof. Scott Hegerty from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.Each of them will consist of 15 academic hours (8 meetings between 16-25 May) and will be worth 5 ECTS points.

The topic of the classes will be :

  1.  “Economics in political decision-making”

This course examines the economic reasoning and analysis behind political decisions. Using a framework of cost-benefit analysis, markets, and welfare, as well as macroeconomic concepts, key concepts and issues will be examined. Applications include privatization, urban policy, and regulation.

  1. “Economic Challenges during the Trump Administration Worldwide”

What impact will an “America First” policy have on the rest of the world? This course will examine changes in U.S. policy after the 2016 election. A focus will be on key interest groups and political actors, trade and financial policy, economic consequences of policy changes, and implications for Europe and the rest of the world.


Both lectures will take place on Żurawia – room 405 (Mon, Tue,Thur) or Aula Latinoamericana (Wed, Fri)

exact dates:

first week –     15.05 (Mon)  16.05 (Tues), 17.05 (Wed), 18.05  (Thur), ,

second week – 22.05 (Mon),  23.05 (Tues), 24.05  (Wed), 25.05 (Thur)

“Economics in political decision-making” will be taking place from 15:00 till 16:30
“Economic Challenges during the Trump Administration Worldwide” will be taking place right after that from 16:45 till 18:15

The classes are available to both UPIR and GPIR, but are geared towards the last year students.

We would also like to remind that Undergraduate students are required to acquire 29 ECTS  and GPIR students are required to acquire 21 ECTS points, from elective classes

To report your desire to participate in classes please fill out the survey linked below:


Note that the number of seats is limited to 30 for each lecture. We will register students in order of submission.

It is possible to attend both lectures.

First meeting will take place on Monday, May 15th, at 15.00 (lecture I) and at 16.45 (lecture II), room 405 (Żurawia 4).

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