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Barbara Kratiuk M.A.

Barbara Kratiuk M.A.


Alumna of the Institute of International Relations at the Department of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw. Specializes in East Asia affairs. Ms Kratiuk has studied in Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg and at London School of Economics at the Department of International History under Prof. Dominic Lieven. She is a PhD candidate at the IRR University of Warsaw and an is actively engaged in the international cooperation of the Institute.

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

Culture and history of the Asia Pacific region, Imperial and colonial politics of great powers in XIX century, great power rivalry, US foreign policy towards Asia, foreign policy of Vietnam, Southeast Asia relations, rise of China

Major Publications

India and ASEAN: how strategic is the partnership? Case of Vietnam” w 5th IAAPS Annual Conference Proceedings 2015

„Vietnam as a dominant power in Southeast Asia” w „ICAS: Proceedings of Second International Conference on Asian Studies” Colombo 2014

„The ‘return’ of USA to Asia” in „Prawo i Polityka na Wschód Europy” Joanna Marszałek- Kawa, Patryk Wawrzyński ed. Toruń 2014

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