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Campus Life


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Campus life.
Warsaw downtown is unrecognizable without great architectural ensemble of the magnificent campus of University of Warsaw. Placed right in the heart of Polish capital it is bustling with life, excitement and enthusiasm. And whether you are a student, tourist or just a weary visitor to polish heartland you will find something for you taste, however exquisite or simple it may be.


News & Announcements.
Since the time immemorial, announcement boards were used to inform the populous of the events, news, announcements, etc. happening near them. This proud tradition is continued in our university. Right near the University gates, you can always catch up with university life on our own version of just such a board. Furthermore, every student of the university can use the board to promote their own endeavors.
On the other hand, if you want to keep up with university electronically you can always visit the website of SU. They have a well-done English page with all the big announcements collected, explained and posted.


Let us now look at what makes people come to University – academic life. And UW has plenty to offer here. From the meetings with movers and shakers of the world to visits of great minds from all over the world and to a general seminars where anyone can start or join a conversation. So, keep up with the announcement board near the gates of the campus or take an occasional look at SU or university websites for constant updates.


Breakfasts & Lunches.
If you desire a cheap, healthy and filling meal you can always head to a student canteen. It is located near the exit from the campus on St. Obozna. In spite of its modest size, canteen is always filled with conversations, jokes and latest university gossip for the curious and sociable.


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