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Doc. dr Marek Tabor

Doc. dr Marek Tabor
Associate Professor
Section of Strategic Studies


A graduate of the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw (1975). Ph.D. in Political Science (1984). Employed at the Institute of International Relations since 1975; in the years 1984-2007 held the position of an assistant professor; since 1 October 2007 associate professor in the Section of Security and Strategic Studies. Between 1996 and 1999 Vice-Director for Didactic Affairs at the Institute of International Relations. In 1999-2005 Vice-Dean for Student Affairs at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science; in the years 2005 -2008 Head of National Security Studies at the Institute of International Relations; in 2005-2008 member of the Rector’s Committee on the Rules of Studies; member of the Scientific Board at the Institute of International Relations and the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

Theory of international relations, global issues, international security, international institutions, arms control and disarmament, military issues in international relations


Political and economic geography of the world, Political and economic geography of Europe, International military relations, Arms control and disarmament, Introduction to international relations, International political relations, International organizations, International security institutions

Seminar Themes


International politico-military relations. International security. International security institutions. Disarmament, arms control, confidence-building measures – disarmament agreements. Foreign policy – political and military aspects. Global problems of the modern world

Major Publications

  • The United Nations Organization Activity for Decolonisation, in: Symonides, J. (ed.), The United Nations Organization. Balance and Perspectives, Warsaw 2006;
  • Treaty of Moscow – the New Approach to the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Arms, in: International Relations in the 21st Century (collective work), Warsaw 2006;
  • Encyclopaedia of the European Union (co-author), Warsaw 2004;
  • Small Dictionary of International Relations (co-author), Warsaw 1996-1999 (three editions);
  • Global problems, in: Haliżak, E., Kuźniar, R. (eds.), International Relations. Genesis, Structure, Dynamics, Warsaw 1994, 2000, 2004;
  • Poland in an International Environment. Issues of Interdependence (coeditor), Warsaw 1993;
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