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Dr Agnieszka Bógdał-Brzezińska

Dr Agnieszka Bógdał-Brzezińska
Assistant Professor, Senior lecturer
Section of History and Theory of International Relations



A graduate of the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw (1996). Ph.D. in Political Science (2000). Employed at the Institute of International Relations since 1995.

Vice-Director for Didactic Affairs 2008-2016.

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

History and theory of international relations, problems of globalization, international law of the Internet, global information society


Theory of International Relations, History of International Relations 1815-1945, Information Technology Law

Seminar Themes


Universal history of international relations. Global information society. Theory of international relations.

Major Publications

  • Koncepcje współczesnych stosunków międzynarodowych (Conceptions of Contemporary International Relations), Łódź 2005
  • Cyberterroryzm i problemy bezpieczeństwa informacyjnego we współczesnym świecie (Cyberterrorism and Information Security Problems in the Modern World) [jointly with M.F. Gawrycki], Warsaw 2003
  • Globalizacja polityki Stanów Zjednoczonych 1945-1949 (Globalization of the U.S. Policy 1945-1949), Warsaw 2001
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