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Dr Marcin Kaczmarski

Dr Marcin Kaczmarski
Assistant Professor
Section of History and Theory of International Relations


Marcin Kaczmarski, Ph.D., has broad research experience in the field of post-Soviet politics and IR theory. He is a lecturer at the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw. He has held visiting positions at the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University and at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek. Between 2006 and 2012 he worked as a senior fellow at the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) in Warsaw. His research interests include Russia’s foreign policy, Russia-China relations, post-Soviet politics, foreign policy analysis and international society. He has published extensively on these topics, including in Problems of Post-Communism and Journal of Contemporary European Research. He is the author of a blog devoted to relations between Russia and China, Between Moscow and Beijing ( 

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

Russia’s foreign policy; post-Soviet politics; international relations theory; international security; energy policy



International Political Relations, Polish Foreign Policy, Theory of Foreign Policy and International Relations, supervision of BA students.

Seminar Themes


Foreign and security policy of the Russian Federation. International security. Polish foreign policy. Energy security

Major Publications

English language publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

–          ‘Domestic Sources of Russia’s China Policy’’, Problems of Post-Communism, vol. 59, no. 2, March–April 2012

–          ‘Which Rules for the Global Order? The Global Dimension of the Russian-EU Relationship – The Case of International Crises’, Journal of Contemporary European Research, Vol. 7, Issue 2, 2011, pp. 159-174


–          The Bear watches the Dragon. The Russian debate on China, OSW Point of View 31, Warsaw: Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), February 2013,

–          The fragile ‘reset’. The balance and the prospects for changes in Russian-US relations, OSW Policy Brief 24, Warsaw: Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), April 2011,

–          The Russian Factor in the Policy of the European Union Towards International Crises, Natolin Paper 36, Warsaw: Natolin European Centre, 2009

–          Russia’s Revisionist Policy towards the West, OSW Studies 33, Warsaw: Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), December 2009,

–          The Asian alternative? Russia’s chances of making Asia an alternative to relations with the West, OSW Policy Brief 16, Warsaw: Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), June 2008,

–          Kosovo before the final decision. Regulating Kosovo’s international status – historical & political conditions and prospects for future developments, OSW Studies 27, Warsaw: Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), February 2008 (co-author)

Chapters in edited volumes:

–          ‘The Influence of Russian Federation on Energy Security in Europe’, [in:] Leszek Jesień (ed.), The Future of European Energy Security, Tischner European University, Cracow 2006, pp. 155-163

Analyses and reports:

–          ‘Russland schaut auf China’, Russland-Analysen, No. 260, 28 June 2013

–          ‘Russia’s policy towards Asia: more words than deeds’, OSW Commentary, September 2012,

–          ‘Russia’s development cooperation’, OSW Commentary, October 2011,

–          ‘Russia’s Middle Eastern policy after the ‘Arab revolutions’, OSW Commentary, July 2011,

–           ‘Poland-Russia: what limits of rapprochement?’, Russkii vopros, 3/2010,

–          Foreign policy at the service of modernization: old wine in a new wineskin, OSW Commentary, Issue 39, Warsaw, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), 31 August 2010,

–          Das »Post-START«-Abkommen: Beweggründe und Auswirkungen, Russland-Analysen, No. 189, 9 October 2009

–          ‘The “post-START” Treaty: goals and implications’, Russian Analytical Digest, No. 66

–          Iran’s position in Russia’s foreign policy and Russian-American relations, OSW Commentary, Issue 24, Warsaw, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), 15 April 2009,

–          Russian expectations towards Obama administration, OSW Commentary, Issue 17, Warsaw, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), 22 January 2009,

–          The Russian proposal for a new European security system, OSW Commentary, Issue 11, Warsaw, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), 16 October 2008,

–          CIS Countries’ Interests vis-à-vis the European Union and its Eastern Policy, CASE Network Studies & Analyses, No. 365/2008,

–           Consequences of the war with Georgia, OSW Commentary, Issue 8, Warsaw, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), 9 September 2008,

–          The European Union and Russia 2004-2007, Warsaw, Center for International Relations, 2007  (co-author)

–          ‘Wen Jiabao’s Visit to Moscow Fails to Resolve Problems in Russian-Chinese Economic Relations’, Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, Vol. 9, No. 22, 14 November 2007,

–          ‘Russia Attempts to Limit Chinese Influence by Promoting CSTO-SCO Cooperation’, Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, Vol. 9, No. 20, 17 October 2007,

–          Russia’s policy towards the European Union, Report of the Center of International Relations, No. 13, 2005,

–          Russia Creates a New Security System to Replace the C.I.S., Power and Interest News Report, 21 December 2005,

Other journal articles:

–          “Russia vs. Central Europe: “Not-so-far foreign land” or part of the West?”, Aspen Review Central Europe, 2012

–          ‘The Flawed Empire’, New Eastern Europe, Issue 1(II)/2012 (co-author)


Polish-language publications (selected)


–          The hydro-energy problems – a case study of Central Asia, Warsaw 2012

–          Energy security of the European Union, Warsaw 2010

–          Russia at the crossroads. The foreign policy of Vladimir Putin, Warsaw 2006

–          The Missile Defense of the US and its international implications, Torun, 2004

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