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Dr Wiesław Lizak

Dr Wiesław Lizak
Associate Professor
Section of Non-European Area Studies


A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science (1986). Dr Wiesław Lizak also completed postgraduate studies in journalism (1988). Ph.D. in Humanities (1997). Employed at the Institute of International Relations since 1987. In the years 1999-2002, Vice-Director of the Institute.

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

Problems in Africa and the Middle East, international conflicts


Political and Economic Geography of the World, International Relations in Africa and the Middle East, International Political Relations, Religious Systems of the Modern World, History and Civilization of Africa and the Middle East, Foreign Policy of African States

Seminar Themes


International relations in the regions of Africa and the Middle East. Southern States in international relations. The North-South relations. International conflicts in the modern world.

Major Publications

  • Regionalny system bezpieczeństwa w Afryce (Regional security system in Africa), in: Stosunki międzynarodowe w XXI wieku (International Relations in the 21st Century), Warsaw 2006, pp. 779-799;
  • Stosunki Ameryki Łacińskiej z Afryką i Bliskim Wschodem (Relations of Latin America with Africa and the Middle East), in: M. F. Gawrycki (ed.), Ameryka Łacińska we współczesnym świecie (Latin America in the Contemporary World), Warsaw 2006, pp. 373-382;
  • Kuba i Afryka. Sojusz dla rewolucji (Cuba and Africa. An Alliance for the Revolution), M.F. Gawrycki, W. Lizak (eds.), Warsaw 2006;
  • Polityka wobec Afryki (Policy Towards Africa), in: ‘Polityka zagraniczna USA po zimnej wojnie’ (U.S. Foreign Policy After the Cold War), Toruń 2005, pp. 205-225;
  • Stosunki międzynarodowe w Afryce (International Relations in Africa), J.J. Milewski, W. Lizak (eds.), Warsaw 2002;
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