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Erasmus +, updated list of students qualified for Erasmus Exchange programme 2017 2018

Erasmus +, updated list of students qualified for Erasmus Exchange programme 2017 2018

Attention students:

Below you can find the preliminary list of student qualified for the Erasmus + program.



Every student has had the trip entered into USOS. Below is a reminder of the schedule:


  1.  Until the 2nd of March you are required to complete your personal data entry into USOS (if you have any problem please contact Julia Konowrocka –  IIR student union
  2. 3-4 of March – The coordinator approves trips and students’ personal data.
  3. From the 6th to the 8th of March (until 12 noon) students must deliver to the appropriate place (IIR room 400) a copy of the USOS print out and a coordinator approved form. The form should be signed by the student and, if necessary, the Head of Studies of the original institute (for instance students of IE, INP, or another faculty like Law must turn in a form signed by the Head of Studies of their home institute)! The forms must be signed by the coordinator and the Director of the Institute. (all selected forms coordinator will sign on 8th March).

If you fail to deliver the signed forms in the time allotted is will mean your automatic resignation from the program. This also applies to students of other institutes and faculties who have not received coordinator approval.

After the 10th of March correspondence, will be led by the Office of International Relations, University of Warsaw.

Congratulations to all students who qualified!

Please read carefully information included in University Erasmus guide ( International Office of the University of Warsaw and rules published at website of IIR).

Please note that is responsibility of students to check courses (and languages of instructions)  offered by host university.

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