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Graduate Seminars


1.Prof. dr hab. Edward Haliżak – Section of IR Political Economy

Foreign policy of the Middle East countries: Egipt, Saudi Arabia, Iran.
Foreign policy of Japan, Chine and Republic of Korea .
International Political Economy.
Asia – Pacyfic Region.

2. Dr Bogusław Zaleski -Section of Non-European Area Studies

1. Asia after the II World War; Transformation processes.
2. Security dynamics in Asia.
3. Regional powers in politics of Asia; Theirs role and strategy in international politics.
4. EU – Asia relations.
5. Asia in global politics.
6. History and civilization of Asia.
7. Global Powers and Asia.

3. Dr hab. Jakub Zajączkowski

International Relations in Asia, India’s Foreign and Security Policy, India Economics, International Relations in the Asia-Pacific region, International Relations in the Indian Ocean Region, China in Global and Regional Economics and Politics European Union’s External Relations with Global South, EU-India Relations, EU-China Relations, Developing Countries in International Relations, security and economics in South and South-East Asia, Regionalism and Globalism in International Relations, regional economic integration in Africa, Asia and Latin America

4.Dr Maciej Raś

Section of History and Theory of International Relations
Foreign and security policy of the post-Soviet states. Relations between Russia and the West. “Eastern Dimension” of Poland’s and the EU’s policy. Central-Eastern Europe in IR. International activity of subnational actors.

5.Dr Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala – Section of Strategic Studies

6. Dr Karina Jędrzejowska – Section of IR Political Economy

7.Dr hab. Jerzy Ciechański – Section of IR Political Economy

8.Dr hab. Wiesław Lizak – Section of Non-European Area Studies

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