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Teaching Staff

Roman Kuźniar

Prof. Roman Kuźniar


Graduate of University of Warsaw, Master of Political Sciences (1977); Doctor of Political Sciences (1981); Associate Professor (1990); and Professor in Humanities (2000).

Since 1982 he has been working as a researcher and teacher at the Institute of International Relations of Warsaw University and, since 1992, head of its Strategic Studies Unit. He lectures on international political relations, human rights, strategic and security studies, and foreign policy of the Republic of Poland.

Since 1990 he has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as director of the Department of Planning and Analyses (1992-1994); Minister Plenipotentiary in the Permanent Mission of Poland to the United Nations in Geneva (1994-1998); employee (1998-2002) and director (2000-2002) of the Department of Strategy and Foreign Policy Planning; and director of the Diplomatic Academy (2003-2005).

He was director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs since June 1, 2005 until February 2007. He specializes in international issues and Polish foreign policy. The author of numerous books, scientific articles and features and editor of joint publications on contemporary history of international relations, security issues, human rights, strategic studies and Polish foreign policy. Member of the Polish delegation to the UN Commission on Human Rights (1995-2002). Since 1995 he has been the editor-in-chief of the Strategic Yearbook and since September 2005 – the editor-in-chief of the Polish Diplomatic Review. Last book: Polityka i sila. Wstep do studiow strategicznych (Politics and Force. An introduction to strategic studies), Warsaw 2005, 2006.


Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala

Dr Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala


Lecturer in the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw (since 2004). Analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (since 2006). Hosting Lecturer in the Diplomatic Academy in Warsaw, Foreign Policy Studies, Helsinki Foundation Human Rights School. The author of the book ‘Human Rights in Polish Foreign Policy’ PISM, 2006.

Areas of expertise and research work: human rights, international humanitarian law, humanitarian and development assistance, Polish foreign policy


Paweł Borkowski

Dr Paweł Borkowski


Graduated from Institute for International Relations, University of Warsaw in 2000; Ph.D. in political science in 2004 based on a thesis identifying the causes of Barcelona process failures – the work was published in 2005 under the title “Euro-Mediterranean Partnership” (Partnerstwo Eurośródziemnomorskie), being the first Polish monograph on Barcelona process.

Since 2000 member of Institute for International Relations staff, in 2006 delegated to Chair of European Studies, that was co-funded by ISM any Institute for Political Science, University of Warsaw. Also since 2006 head of European Studies Graduate Program.

His concentrates in his researches on EU’s position in the world, esp. interregional structures of cooperation, international relations in the Mediterranean and theory of European integration. In 2007 published a monograph “Political theories of international integration”, the first book in Poland providing a review of classic and modern theories and setting a plan of further research. The book was awarded the prize of Rector of Warsaw University. Co-author of manual for students of humanities “European Union. History, system, law, structure.” Published around 20 articles and chapters, the last ones concerning integration in Latin America, European policy towards Latin America, European development aid.


Justyna Nakonieczna

Dr Justyna Nakonieczna


Graduate of University of Warsaw. The PhD dissertation “The social responsibility of multinational enterprises” (2006). Lecturer in the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, Poland.

Areas of expertise and research work: social aspects of globalization, especially alter-globalization civil society movements, development issues, and social responsibility of international business. Author of articles on international context of corporate social responsibility, comparative studies on poverty in developing countries and development aspects of international migration.


Jerzy Ciechański

Dr Jerzy Ciechański


Ph. D. in Political Science from Northern Illinois University, the United States.

Areas of expertise: international organizations (esp. United Nations, European Union, the Council of Europe), international law, theory of international relations.


Dorota Heidrich

Dr Dorota Heidrich


Ph. D. in Political Science from Warsaw University.
Post–graduate Diploma at Institute of Developing Countries (2005).

Areas of expertise: international political migration (especially issues concerning IDPs and refugees), developing countries issues (including international development aid), international justice (ICTY, ICTR, ICC, Special Court for Sierra Leone et al.), conflicts in East Africa (especially Rwanda and DRC).


David Jones

Prof. David Jones

Ph.D., State University of New York, University Center at Albany, Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. Also D.Jur. Degree

Professor David A. Jones is Director of the United States Law Program and a Professor at the University of Warsaw’s American Studies Center, Institute of The Americas and Europe. He offers the Lecture on United States Foreign Policy and courses on Civil Liberties and Constitutional Law. As a professor at the University of Warsaw’s Institute of International Relations, he teaches international graduate students in European Union Law, International Trade, and Single Market. He has been a vocal critic of America’s mistakes in the global theatre, but a strong defender of America’s right to make those mistakes. Since 2004, he has made 12 research trips to and spent a total of about 18 months residing in China, and spent two weeks traveling across Xi’zang (Tibet), preparatory to writing The Eagle and the Dragon, in which he will analyze the “New China” and the Western response to its innovative changes. Prof. dr Jones has held Full Professorships at several major universities in the United States including an administrative faculty appointment at Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, has taught for 10 years in Eastern Europe including Poland, Latvia, and Estonia, and lectured at the Universities of Oxford and Leiden as well as at universities in China. At University Nord, Tallinn, he was Professor Ordinarius of Business and Law, Head of the Department of Business and Chair of Economics, as well as Director of the Graduate (LL.M.) Law Program at its Law School. At Concordia International University Estonia he served as Professor of Business and Law, Executive Director of the International Executive M.B.A. Program, and finished as Academic Dean responsible for the Schools of Business, Law, Media, and Public Administration. He was a member of the U.S. Rank Award Review Board, 1992, appointed by former President George H.W. Bush.


Aleksandra Jarczewska

Dr Aleksandra Jarczewska


Dr Aleksandra Jarczewska-Romaniuk is a faculty member of the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw since 2002. She graduated from the Institute of International Relations (IRI) and from the American Studies Center (ASC). She earned two Master’s Degrees – first in the field of International Economic Relations, and second of American Business. During the PhD studies at the IRI her research interests were concentrated on analyzing the role of multinational corporations in contemporary international relations. It resulted with a dissertation titled “Multinational Corporations as the Actors of International Relations”.

She took part in several international exchange programs (i.e. got the research scholarship at the Indiana University Bloomington; participated in the Fulbright American Studies Institute titled “U.S. Political Economy and the Global Economic System”; served as a team member of the international project titled “Political and economic aspects of European integration” – ERASMUS Intensive Program).

Her main areas of expertise concentrate on: Multinational Corporations’ activities, World Economy, US Foreign Policy, US Trade Policy and Transatlantic Relations.
Her teaching responsibilities include: Strategies of Multinational Corporations, Transatlantic Relations, US Foreign Policy, US Trade Policy and Introduction to International Relations.

She is also a coordinator of the International Exchange Program carried out between International Relations Institute and North Eastern Illinois University.


Karina Jędrzejowska

Dr Karina Jędrzejowska


MSc, PhD in the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw. Graduate of the University of Manchester (MSc in Globalisation and Development, 2008), the Warsaw School of Economics (MA in Finance and Banking, 2007) and the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw (MA in International Relations, 2005).

Areas of expertise and research: economic development, development finance (especially issues of international indebtedness), international financial markets.

Graduate of the University of Manchester (MSc in Globalisation & Development, 2008), Warsaw School of Economics (Finance and Banking, specialization: international financial markets, 2007) and the Institute of International Relations, Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw (2005). Research fellowships at the University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) in 2004, Saint Petersburg State University (2004/2005) and the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin) in 2007. Laureate of the 2nd Award in the Minister of Foreign Affairs competition for the best MA thesis in contemporary international relations (2006). PhD in Political Science from the University of Warsaw on the basis of dissertation „Sovereign Default in International Relations” (2011).


Agnieszka Aleksy-Szucsich

Dr Agnieszka Aleksy-Szucsich


Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University, SAIS (Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies) in Washington D.C., USA (2006).

Areas of Expertise: International Political Economy, Diversity and Innovation, International Economics, International Finance, Theory of International Relations, Comparative Politics, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.


Dr Andrzej Szeptycki


Ph.D. – political scientist, graduate of the University of Warsaw and of the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), former foreign student of the École Normale Supérieure de Paris (“rue d’Ulm”), research fellow at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), lecturer at the Institute of International Relations of the University of Warsaw, author of “France or Europe? General de Gaulle’s Heritage In the Fifth Republic’s Foreign Policy” (Warsaw 2005) and of articles on French, Polish and Ukrainian foreign policies, transatlantic relations and selected aspects of European integration. Scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science in 2005 – 2006.


Alicja Curanović

Dr Alicja Curanović


A graduate of the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw (MA thesis: The Idea of Slavic Solidarity in the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation) and the Faculty of Law and Administration within the framework of the College of Interfaculty Individual Studies in Humanities, University of Warsaw (MA thesis: Religious Awareness and the Attitude to Law of Orthodox Christians in the Third Republic of Poland). She holds a Ph.D. degree in Political Science (title of the dissertation: The Religious Factor in the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation, defended cum laude, September 2009). Research worker at the Institute of International Relations, Faculty of Journalism and Political Studies, University of Warsaw since 2009. Awarded the Scholarship for young researchers by the Foundation for Polish Science 2011 and 2012.


dr Jakub Zajączkowski

Dr Jakub Zajączkowski


A graduate of the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw (2002). Ph.D. in Political Science (2007). Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relations since 2008. LLP Erasmus Programme Coordinator at the Institute. Chairperson of the Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies.

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