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Guest lectures by Prof. B. Krishnamurthy, Pondicherry University as a part of Erasmus Mundus Programme

Director of the Institute of International Relations, dr hab. Jakub Zajączkowski would like to cordially invite everyone to a guest lectures  Prof. B. Krishnamurthy from Pondicherry University, who will visit IIR UW in the frame of Erasmus Mundus Programme, IBIES.

Lectures will take place on:

13 March:

  • 11.30-13.00, r. 421, Żurawia 4

Tri-Polar World: US-India-China Relations


  • 15:00 do 16.30, Aula Latino, Żurawia 4
    Tri-Polar World: US-India-China Relations

14 March:

  • 15.00-16.30, r. 210, Nowy Świat 67/69
    India, China and the Prospects of an “Asian Century”

16 March:

  • 13.15-14.45, r. 421, Żurawia 4
    Indian Model of “Democratic” Development

20 March:

  • 15:00-16.30, Aula Latino, Żurawia 4
    Non-Alignment to Multi-Alignment? – India’s Quest for Strategic Autonomy through Strategic Partnerships

23 March:

  • 8.00-9.30, room 14, Żurawia 4
    India in South Asia by 2030

Prof. B. Krishnamurthy  CV (download)


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