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Erasmus – Incoming Students

Dear Incoming Erasmus Students!

Welcome to the Institute of International Relations!

Please find below a schedule of Erasmus courses in the summer semester for 2017. The registration has already started and will finish on the 30th of March (please note that you need to register through this website: !!!

In the case of courses offered for Erasmus students (in the table) you can freely register by yourself!

If you seek other courses (from the areas of economic, law ctr.) you can also attend courses offered for regular English students (our English BA and MA programmes). In this case, please take into account that there is a limit of places for Erasmus students. To be registered on these courses you need to fill special form (also attached), collect all signatures and deliver it to our USOS office (USOS: ms Marysia Grzybowska office hours: Monday 16.00-18.00, Tuesday 13.00-15.00, Thursday 11.00-13.00 at room no 33, Nowy Świat 69 street (IV floor)) .

We strongly encourage you to take courses offered by our Institute (especially from the table), because we can help you with registration, marks, and contacts to the teachers as well as with other issues. In the case of courses offered by other Faculties – we do not have access to them so unfortunately we won’t be able to help you.

Students can also participate in other courses from the English programme (Institute of International Relations)- Undergraduate and Graduate studies on International Relations (5 years – courses also from area of law, economics and regional studies).

Here you can find schedules:

Please note that only limited places are available for international students – more information on the welcome meeting in February.

(Registration by filling the special formulate)

General information: Courses, Lectures

The Institute of International Relations:

    • Offers 14 courses for Erasmus and International Students
    • Students can also attend for some MA and BA level courses in English (please contact Erasmus coordinator in the Institute; students must have permission from Head of BA and MA level programmes)
    • Student have opportunity to attend for many international seminars, conferences which take place in the Institute
    • Students could also attend to all courses offered by University of Warsaw

Courses for incoming short term international students given in 2016/2017 (summer semester)

Erasmus courses – summer semster 2016 2017
Information about registration soon, website for registration:
Registration starts: 20th of January 2017
Deadline for registration: 30th March 2017

Faculty of International Relations – courses summer sem 2016-17 – download

Faculty of International Relations – courses winter sem 2017-18 – download


Students Life, Accommodation, Visa

  • Incoming students have also a lot of social activities, students union is very active in our Institute
  • More information about accommodation, dormitory and prices in Poland please see website of International Relations Office (if You have any problem, please also contact with coordinator)
  • If You need any help about visa application procedure, please contact with coordinator.

Admission procedure for Incoming Students (non-degree exchange)

All information about admission please visit International Relations Office University of Warsaw.

Deadline for winter semester – 15 May
Deadline for summer semester – 15 November

List of coordinators

If You have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Erasmus Coordinator
M.A. Anita Budziszewska

Tuesday, 15.00-16.00, room no 400
Thursday, 12.00-13.00, room no 400
During holiday term (starting from 10th July 2015) – Tuesday 15.00-16.00 at room no 400.

LLP Erasmus
Jakub Zajączkowski PhD

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