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Mundus – Incoming Students

General information: Courses, Lectures

The Institute of International Relations:

  • Offers 14 courses for Erasmus/Mundus and International Students
  • Students can also attend for some MA and BA level courses in English (please contact Erasmus coordinator in the Institute; students must have permission from Head of BA and MA level programmes)
  • Student have opportunity to attend for many international seminars, conferences which take place in the Institute
  • Students who study full BA, MA or PhD in the frame of Mundus should follow courses and programmes of BA, MA and PhD as regular students. Please contact the Head and administrative office of these programmes.
  • Non-Degree MUNDUS see also: Courses for Erasmus, Mundus & International Students
  • If You want to attend our courses, please register for them at:
Registration for Winter Semester is already open!

Admission procedure (non-degree exchange)

All information about admission please visit International Relations Office University of Warsaw.

Deadline for winter semester – 15 May

Deadline for summer semester – 15 November

Erasmus Mundus (degree programme, MA, BA, PhD level programmes)

Students who study BA, MA or PhD in the frame of Mundus, please visit section for BA, MA or PhD.  Students who hold a scholarship (i.e. Erasmus Mundus) for longer stay which allows them to participate in the whole programme (undergraduate, graduate or PhD) should follow requirements of admission and participation as regular students. For further information, visit websites describing the given programme!

List of coordinators

If You have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Erasmus Mundus, Exchange students Coordinator
–  M.A. Aleksandra Jaskólska

Thursday –  15.15-16.30
Friday – 15.00-16.30
At room no. 400

Erasmus Mundus,  Exchange students Coordinator
–  M.A. Barbara Kratiuk

Monday –  11.30 – 13.00
Wednesday – 15.00-16.15
At room no. 400

LLP Erasmus
Jakub Zajączkowski PhD

Please also visit website of International Relations Office,

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