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Mundus – Outgoing Students

Outgoing Students (Institute Students)

All BA, MA and PhD students can take part in Erasmus Mundus Programme once during the period of study. Erasmus Mundus Programme is not only for Polish and European, but for all students who are students of BA, MA or PhD Programme in the Institute.

List of partners

Students of University of Warsaw could choose to study in the frame of Erasmus Munduis only in selective Mundus project (most projects are designed for incoming students and academic staff from non-EU countries).

Available scholarship for UW students visit website of International Relations Office.

All students can choose to study for one semester (in unique case we allow for one year).

Conditions for obtaining credit for studies abroad

A student going abroad on an exchange to a partner university in EU:

  • in the universities with ECTS – is required to obtain 30 ECTS per semester, 60 ECTS per year (PE and language classes do not count to the total ECTS)
  • In the universities without ECTS – please see rules and obligations for outgoing students
  • After being qualified for the scholarship, the student must contact the exchange co-ordinator and the head of the studies to set the curriculum during the stay in the partner university.

Application deadline and required documents

Please visit website of International Relations Office and contact with our coordinator.

Rules and Obligations for outgoing students

Principles of obtaining credit for a stage of studies by students participating in foreign exchange:
Obligations and Rules for outgoing students


Erasmus Mundus, Exchange students Coordinator
–  M.A. Aleksandra Jaskólska

Thursday –  15.15-16.30
Friday – 15.00-16.30
At room no. 400

Erasmus Mundus,  Exchange students Coordinator
–  M.A. Barbara Kratiuk

Monday –  11.30 – 13.00
Wednesday – 15.00-16.15
At room no. 400

LLP Erasmus
Jakub Zajączkowski PhD

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