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Erasmus Mundus – General Information

Erasmus Mundus – General Information

The Institute is very active in Mundus projects. Within the framework of these projects, scholars and students from Non-EU countries can study at  the Institute for one semester, one year or for a whole study programme (BA, MA or PhD). Scholars can visit the Institute for one month or one semester under the Erasmus Mundus Programme.

The Institute takes part in joint Mundus projects with universities from Asia (China, India, South East Asia states), Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Yemen).

Since 2008 the Institute has hosted over 100 students and academic staff within the framework of Erasmus Mundus.

Should you have any further questions regarding your exchange studies at the Institute, please do not hesitate to contact our coordinator:

Erasmus Mundus, Exchange students Coordinator
–  M.A. Aleksandra Jaskólska

Thursday –  15.15-16.30
Friday – 15.00-16.30
At room no. 400

Erasmus Mundus,  Exchange students Coordinator
–  M.A. Barbara Kratiuk

Monday –  11.30 – 13.00
Wednesday – 15.00-16.15
At room no. 400

LLP Erasmus
Jakub Zajączkowski PhD

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