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Jean Monnet Chair

Grant Jean Monnet Chair, awarded for Professor Ryszard Zięba by the European Commission for the topic „The European Union in the International Security System”. Decision 2008-2745.

Main task comprises teaching on the issues related to the title of the grant, namely the following: lectures concerning EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy; graduate seminars on Political and Security Aspect of European Integration; postgraduate (doctoral) seminar on European Integration and Security Studies. These topics are strictly connected with European political integration. The existence of such courses fulfils in many ways general and operational objectives of LLP Jean Monnet Programme.

General objective of the grant is to contribute to the development of quality lifelong learning and to promote high performance, innovation and a European dimension in systems and practices in the field.

Beneficiaries of the project are students of International Relations, European Studies, and Political Science, studying in the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at University of Warsaw.

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