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Lectures of prof. Shantanu Chakrabarti (University of Calcutta): 9th and 10th May 2018.

Within the framework of the Programme of the Faculty of Polical Science and International Studies of the University of Warsaw (“Wydziałowy Plan Indywidualizacji Kształcenia- Wykłady gościnne ekspertów zagranicznych”) prof. Shantanu Chakrabarti from the University of Calcutta will give three lectures:

  • India’s space policy: aims, assumption, prospects, 9 May, 11.30, room Czarnowski Krakowskie Przedmieście 3;
  • Evolution of US-India relations after Cold War, 9 May, 16.45 room 317 Collegium Politicum;
  • How to Study Regions in IR: Methodology of Area Studies, 10 May , 9.45, room 116, Old University Library.

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