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Increase of EU’s economic potential in relations with China, LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation

General Information

In the end of August 2013 Institute was awarded by EU grant Leonardo da Vinci: Transfer of Innovation. Leader of the project is Akademickie Centrum Informacji i Edukacji Europejskiej. Value of the project is – 340 677,00 EURO. In the project will take part from the Institutethe following scholars: Dr. Łukasz Gołota, Anita Budziszewska MA (coordinators), prof. Edward Haliżak, Dr. Jakub Zajączkowski, Dr. Karina Jędzrejowska, Dr. Bogusław Lackoroński, Dr. Aleksandra Jarczewska, Dr. Anna Wróbel, Dr. Rafał Ulatowski.


  1. Uniwersytet Warszawski PL – POLAND
  2. Akademickie Centrum Informacji i Edukacji Europejskiej PL -POLAND
  3. Vrije Universiteit Brussel BE – BELGIUM
  4. University of Chester UK – UNITED KINGDOM


The main aim of the project is to increase EU’s economic potential in the context of relations (mainly trade relations) with China. Auxiliary objective will be to provide all units that are planning to start the business in China with all necessary knowledge that would make them able to fulfill their plans. The offer will be targeted to all people and entities interested in “Chinese issues”: tradesmen, manufacturers, investors, researchers etc. Innovation as the motor for economic change and building factor of the “learning economy” is key point of the project.


The outcome of the project is intended to meet all expectations set for the LLP projects and achieve all necessary goals:

  • The special adopted programme “Chinese Business Law & Business Development” (it is planned to be a post-graduate programme), e-platform, manuals, teaching materials, guide for investors and business in China, manual for business Chinese language course. The intangible outcome will be the growing concern about business opportunities in China, spreading knowledge, expertise and practical skills.
  • Creating Centre for Contemporary China Studies and Research.


Łukasz Gołota, PhD
Anita Budziszewska, MA

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