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Life in Warsaw & Living cost


There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw

Warsaw is a booming European capital, polish biggest center of higher education, full of friendly and open minded people. More than 270 000 students in the city of 1,70 million inhabitants, do not lack entertainment – vast number of pubs and clubs, numerous festivals, concerts, exhibitions. Over 100 international events are held here.

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Living costs

The cost of living depends on the individuals’ needs and lifestyle. It can however be said that 1500 PLN (350 EUR) per month is the minimum needed to cover the cost of accommodation, transportation, food and academic materials

1 EUR ~ 4,3 PLN1 USD ~ 3,3 PLN

Exchange rate may vary!


  • double room in a dormitory (number of places limited) – from 380 to 460 PLN per month
  • single room in a dormitory (number of places limited) – from 450 to 600 PLN per month (plus extra costs ex. gas, electricity, Internet)
  • single room in a flat – from 800 PLN per month
  • studio – from 1500 PLN per month

Local transport

Type of ticket
(Ist zone)
Student discount (50%)
Standard price
Single ticket 2,20 4,40
1-day 7,50 15,00
3-days 15,00 30,00
1-month 50,00 100,00
3-months 125,00 250,00

Other expenses

  • a lunch in the students’ cafeteria – from 10 PLN
  • a coffee in a bar –  10-15 PLN
  • a ticket to the cinema – from 17 PLN
  • bread – 3,00 PLN
  • a bottle of milk – 3,00 PLN
  • a bottle of mineral water 1,5l – 2,00 PLN

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