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Dr Łukasz Gołota

Dr Łukasz Gołota
Assistant Professor
Section of IR Political Economy


A graduate in international relations at the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw and in law at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw. The Minister of Science and Higher Education scholarship-holder. Participant in the student exchange programme at Northeastern Illinois University. He gave luctures and seminars at:

  • Universidad de Granada (2011);
  • Universidad Carlos III de Mardid (2011).
  • Istambul University (2010,2013);
  • Universidad de Barcelona (2012);
  • Universita di Bologna (2012);
  • Peking University (China) 2014,
  • UBT (Kosov0) 2014,
  • Manipal University (India) 2015,
  • Northeastern Illionois University (USA), 2015,
  • Calcutta University (India) 2015,
  • UBT (Kosov0) 2016,
  • Daegu University (South Korea) 2016.

Author and coordinator of the projects within following EU programmes:

  • Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation (2014);
  •  Leonardo da Vinci – Mobility (2013);
  •  Youth in Action (2013);
  •  Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Programme (2013);
  •  Gruntvig (2013)
  •  Erasmus+ (2015-2017)
  • Polish (within UE) Operational Programme Knowledge-Education -Development (2015-2017) PO WER

Granted by UE Project “Modern University” with academic internship at Peking University.

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

– International Economics;
– Political Economy, Models of Economic Development;

-Asia and Pacific Region;
– History of International Relations (Ancient);
– History of Economic Thought;
– World Trade System;





Information Technology;

History of Economic Thought;

World Trade System;

International Political Economy.

Major Publications

  • Utilitarianism in classic political economy  w: Stosunki Międzynarodowe-International Relations,   Tom: 53,  Warszawa 2017
  • Theory of international trade of  John Stuart Mill w: Stosunki Międzynarodowe-International Relations,   Tom: 52,  Warszawa 2016
  • Azerbaijan Politics – Economy – Culture (ed.), Warsaw-Baku 2016.
  • Washington Consensus – Revaluation and fall of neoliberal paradigm w:  Tendencje i procesy rozwojowe współczesnych stosunków międzynarodowych. Księga jubileuszowa z okazji 40-lecia Instytutu Stosunków Międzynarodowych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego,  Warszawa : 2016
  • Theorethical and practical aspecst of using of trade in a national wealth building process: case study –  British East India Company [w:] Region Azji i Pacyfiku w latach 1985-2015, red. Aleksandra Jarczewska, Jakub Zajączkowski, Warszawa 2016.
  • Technical Barriers in TTIP negotiations [w:] TTIP Transatlantyckie Partnerstwo W Dziedzinie Handlu i Inwestycji; Nowy Etap Instytucjonalizacji Współpracy UE-USA,  red. Naukowa  Aleksandra Jarczewska, Maria Dunin-Wąsowicz, Warszawa 2015
  • Historical Types of Economic Superpowers, Carthago – Venice – England in “Economic and Political Thought”, Warsaw 2013;
  •  Rules of Origin as a tool of a trade policy in “Geoeconomics”, Warsaw 2013;
  • Intervention in Iraq 2003 and International Law in “Society and Politics”, Warsaw 2005;
  • Security System of the United Nations in “Students Research Book” , Warsaw 2006;
  • Utilitarianism of John Stuart Mill in religious context  in “Religion in international relations” Warsaw 2012;
  • “The history of Conflict in Algeria” – Portal of International Affairs, Warsaw 2010;
  • “Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower” by Z. Brzezinski –Review in “Polish Diplomatic Review”, Warsaw 2011;
  • “State of War. The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration” by J.Risen –Review in “Polish Diplomatic Review”, Warsaw 2012.
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