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National Projects

Research projects funded by National Science Centre

Wars of the West. Causes, Determinants, Course and Consequences of Military Interventions of Western Countries in the Post-Cold War Period
Head- Professor Roman Kuźniar

Prevention of Mass Infringements of Human Rights
Head – Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala, PhD

Geoeconomics – project of the Section of International Political Economy
Head – Professor Edward Haliżak

Education as a New Source of the International Power of the State
Head – Anna Wojciuk, PhD

The European Union and Mediterranean: Between Politics and the Common Interests of the Member States
Head – Professor Justyna Zając

Selected projects funded by the University

Non-European Visions and Concepts in the International Relations Studies
Heads – Professor Marcin F. Gawrycki,
Agnieszka Bógdał-Brzezińska PhD, Jakub Zajączkowski, PhD

Criminal Responsibility for the Crime of Aggression
Head – Patrycja Grzebyk, PhD

Economic Power
Head – Professor Edward Haliżak

International Security – project of the Section of Security and Strategic Studies
Head – Professor Roman Kuźniar

The Crisis of 2008 and the International Position of the West
Head – Professor Roman Kuźniar

Culture in International Relations
Head – Professor Grażyna Michałowska

Alterglobalism in International Relations
Head – Justyna Nakonieczna, PhD

Ukraine Versus Russia: Study of Dependence
Head – Andrzej Szeptycki, PhD

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