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Rules of recruitment for doctoral studies in the academic year 2017/2018
Full-time studies in English


Description of the recruitment procedure:

Admission on the basis of the complete set of delivered documents

 Faculty of Political Science and International Studies

  1. Authorisation to award the following academic degrees:
    Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of political science, Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of safety, Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of public policy
  2. Specializations/disciplines:

– „International Relations and Governance”;

– „Security Studies” ;

– the PhD student can also pursue an interdisciplinary path

  1. Duration of studies: 4 years; PhD students who manage to realize the full program of study and prepare a doctoral thesis can graduate in 3 years
  2. Form of studies: full-time (paid)
  3. Maximum number of students to be admitted: 20 (min. of 10 students are required to start the programme)
  4. Required documents:
    a) application for admission to the Rector of the University of Warsaw including the candidate’s agreement to the financial terms (download)
    b) Master’s degree diploma with the programme of studies (original and English versions);
    c) Bachelor’s degree diploma with the programme of studies (in order to establish equivalence to – or validate as – a Master’s degree thus making the applicant eligible for admission to the studies);
    d) description of the applicant’s research interests or a preliminary outline of the doctoral thesis( in both cases: together with a list of scientific literature related to the research interests – approx. 10-20 positions);
    e) confirmed information on the applicant’s scientific activity (participation in conferences, scientific clubs and associations, publications) for the last 2 years;
    f) CV;
    g) personal questionnaire (download);
    h) copy of the passport;
    i) 2 photos (3.5cm/4.5cm);
    j) information on foreign language skills, especially English language skills (certificates, diploma; optionally: the applicant’s declaration of the attained level of language skills in the given foreign language).
  1. Time for filing documents:

to 30 June 2017; if not completed the limit of places: an additional recruitment can be announced

  1. Place for filing documents:

Office of the doctoral studies, Krakowskie Przedmieście 3 Str., room no. 200.

In the case of sending documents in electronic version, each document must be submitted in a separate file in PDF format to the following address:

  1. Date of the announcement of the results:to 7July 2017
  2. Place of the announcement of the recruitment results:
    Website of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies (
  1. Date of commencement of doctoral studies: 2 November 2017

Applicants failing to submit all the required documents by the set deadline will be removed from the candidate list.

Master’s degree diploma (original or official copy) should be submitted before the date of commencement of the Ist year of the doctoral studies (2 November 2017).

The studies are paid. Tuition is EUR 4000,- for the academic year (plus EUR 200,- fee for the first year). It is possible to pay in 2 installments for the academic year after approval by the Dean of Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw at the written request of the student.


Programme Coordinator: Maciej Raś, Ph.D, e-mail: or

🔎 Download:

👉 New educational programme 2017-18

👉 Personal data form

👉 Application for admission

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