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Prof. Leonard Łukaszuk

Prof. Leonard Łukaszuk
Professor Ordinarius
Section of Law and International Institutions


Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (1958). Ph.D. in Law (1968). D.Litt. in Law (1974). Professor Extraordinarius of Law (1985). Professor Ordinarius (1994). Employed at the Institute of International Relations since 1994.

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

International Law of the Sea, international protection of intellectual property, issues related to the theory and methodology of the study and teaching of international law.



International Law of the Sea, international air law and cosmic international law, new trends and tendencies in international law, international public law.

Major Publications

  • Contemporary Aviation and its problems. Civilization-Culture-Law-Economics-Security-Defence (co-author), Warsaw 2007;
  • Sea in Civilization, Culture and International Relations (co-author), Warsaw 2006;
  • Modern Disputes and Conflicts over Marine Areas, Gdynia, 2004;
  • International Peace and Security Law (co-author), Warsaw 2003;
  • European Peace and Security Law (co-author), Warsaw 1999;
  • Contemporary Diplomacy and the Questions of International Law and Security (co-author), Warsaw 1999;
  • The International Law of the Sea, Warsaw 1997;
  • The Baltic Sea: New Developments in National Policies and International Cooperation (co-author), 1996;
  •  International Humanitarian Law in the System of Human Rights Protection and the Humanization of International Relations, Warsaw 1995.
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