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Prof. Marcin Gawrycki

Prof. Marcin Gawrycki
Professor Ordinarius
Section of Non-European Area Studies


A graduate of the Institute of International Relations (2000), Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos (1999) and National Security Studies (2000). Ph.D. in Political Science (2004). The Foundation for Polish Science scholarship-holder (2004). D.Litt. in Political Science, specialization: international relations (2008).

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

Broadly understood Latin America-related issues (history of international relations in Latin America, Cuba’s foreign policy, history of Colombia, U.S. policy towards the countries of Latin America, Latin American guerrilla) cyberterrorism, information security.


Political and Economic Geography, History and Civilization of Latin America, International Relations in Latin America, Foreign Policy of Selected Latin American Countries, EU Relations with Asian, African and Latin American Countries, Information Technology, Inter-American System

Seminar Themes

International relations in Latin America. History and civilization of Latin America. Relations between the United States and Latin American countries. The North-South relations. The EU relations with Asian, African and Latin American states. Relations between European and Latin American countries.

Major Publications

  • Between War and Peace – National and International Conceptions of the Armed Conflict Resolution in Colombia, Warsaw 2004;
  • The European Union – Latin America and the Caribbean: Complicated Partnership of the Two Regions, Warsaw 2004;
  • Cuba and the Revolution in Latin America, Toruń 2004,
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