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Prof. Witold Góralski

Prof. Witold Góralski
University Professor
Section of European Integration


Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Łódź University (1961), Ph.D. in Law (1975), D.Litt. (1987), Professor Extraordinarius at Warsaw University (1998). Employed at the Institute of International Relations since 1995. Member of the editorial board of: The International Affairs Review (Opole), Polish-German Annual (Polish Academy of Sciences).

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests


European law, international law, comparative constitutional law



International law; European integration; broadly understood Germany-related issues; European law

Seminar Themes

Institutional law of the European Union, and in particular the functioning of the institutional and legal system of the EU. European economic law with special emphasis on the freedoms of the Single Market. Germany in international relations. German foreign policy. Germany in the processes of integration. Germany’s international role. Germany’s relations with other countries. The issue of the European Union and the European Community functioning with particular emphasis on the legal system.

Major Publications

  • Poland-Germany 1945-2007, From Confrontation to Cooperation and Partnership (editor and co-author), Warsaw 2007;
  • The European Union, Volume I, Origins – Structure – Acquis, Volume II, Economy – Politics – Cooperation (editor and co-author), Warsaw 2007;
  • Polish-German Relations and the Effects of the Second World War (ed.), Warsaw 2006;
  • Transit – Citizenship – Property, Complicated Questions of Polish-German  Relations, Studies and Materials (collective work edited by Witold M. Góralski), Warsaw 2005;

Electronic Publications

  • The Problem of Reparations, Compensations and Benefits in Polish-German Relations 1944-2004, Volume I Studies, Volume II Documents (editor and co-author), Warsaw 2004;
  • Europe 2001/2002 and Europe 2003, Organizations, Institutions, Addresses, Contacts (ed.), Warsaw 2002 and 2003;
  • New Identity of Germany and Russia in International Relations (co-editor with Stanisław Bieleń), Warsaw 1999;
  • Germany in Polish Scientific Literature and Journalism from 1989 to 1996 (editor and co-author), Warsaw 1997;
  • Trade Unions in the Federal Republic of Germany, Warsaw 1982;
  • Rights and Civil Liberties in Capitalist States (editor and co-author), Warsaw 1979;
  • Interpretation of Laws in the Functioning of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, Wrocław 1976.
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