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Research Profile

Research Profile

Research Areas

Research ProfileTeaching and research activities of the Institute constitute two interrelated fields of activity which reinforce each other in their development. The studies which are published by employees of the Institute are used by students for learning purposes. Classes for students and the educational requirements in the field of international relations stimulate further research.

Institute is also founder of the Polish Association for International Studies. PAIS will co-organize with Institute and Standing Group on International Relations international 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, ‘One International Relations or Many? Multiple Worlds, Multiple crises” 18-21 September 2013.

The research activities carried out at the Institute of International Relations refer to the long-lasting tradition of this discipline, whose academic status became fully recognized at American universities after the Second World War. Fundamental research displaying ambitions of theoretical formulation was accompanied by the development of research into functional areas of international relations.

Research Profile

Research focus on all aspects of international relations:

  • International Political Economy
  • International Politics
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  • International Law and Institutions
  • Security and Strategic Studies
  • European Integration
  • International relations Theory
  • Culture and Multiculturalism in International Relations
  • Emerging Markets
  • International Business
  • Africa and Latin America Studies
  • India and China Studies

Research Profile

Journals and Periodicals published by the Institute:

Institute invites scholars to publish in Institute’s peer-reviews journals and periodicals. The papers could be written in English. More information please contact dr Jakub Zajączkowski (

Selected monographs and articles published in recent years in English:

The outcome of the research is published in Polish (see Publications) and also in English. Selected papers in English published by our academic staff in recent years:


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  • Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala, Human Rights in Polish Foreign Policy After 1989, PISM, Warsaw 2006.
  • Stanisław Bieleń, Poland’s Foreign Policy in the 21st Century, Warsaw 2010.
  • Agnieszka Bógdał-Brzezińska, Marcin F. Gawrycki, Jakub Zajączkowski (eds.), Re-Visions and Re-Orient-ations: Non-European Thought in International Relations Studies, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013
  • Alicja Curanović, The Religious Factor in Russia’s Foreign Policy, Routledge 2012
  • Alicja Curanovic, The Religious Diplomacy of the Russian Federation, “Russie.Nei.Reports” 2012, no 12, June, Institut français des relations internationales, Ifri
  • Witold. M. Góralski (ed.), Polish-German Relations and the Effects of the Second World War, Warsaw 2006.
  • Edward Haliżak, Jakub Zajączkowski, Manish Thapa (eds.), International Relations in Asia: Great Powers and Institutions, Routledge 2014 (Forthcoming)
  • Roman Kuźniar, Poland’s Foreign Policy after 1989, Warsaw 2009.
  • Stanisław Parzymies (ed.), OSCE and Minorities. Assessment and Prospects, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar, Warsaw 2007.
  • Kamila Pronińska, Energy Security: Global and Regional Dimensions, „SIPRI Yearbook 2007: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security”.
  • Maciej Raś, E.U. Support for Russian Democracy, [in:] Global Trends and Implementation of Knowledge: New Europe & New Russia, St. Petersburg State University Press, St. Petersburg 2006.
  • Janusz Symonides, Debates and Controversies Concerning International Legal Aspects of the Struggle against Terrorism, Warsaw 2008, Żurawia Papers.
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  • Jakub Zajączkowski, Polish Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific region in the early 21st Century, (in) Kamil Zajaczkowski, Artur Adamczyk (eds), Poland in the European Union: Adjustment and Modernisation. Lessons for Ukraine, Warsaw-Lviv 2012;
  • Jakub Zajączkowski Migration Flows in South Asia: Social and Economic Dimensions, (in) Antonio Marquina (ed.), Perspectives on Migration Flows in Asia and Europe, Singapore, ASEF, 2011;
  • Jakub Zajączkowski, Manish Thapa, Jivanta Schottli (eds), India in the Contemporary World, Routledge 2013;
  • Jakub Zajączkowski, Manish Thapa, Jivanta Schottli (eds), India: Emerging Power, Bloomsbury Publishing 2014 (Forthcoming).



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