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Russian Power Elite – internal dimension and shape of foreign politics

Russian Power Elite – internal dimension and shape of foreign politics

On  April 22, 2013, the Scientific Society of PhD Students „International Security” organized the seminar Russian Power Elite – internal dimension and shape of foreign politics, which took place in the Institute of International Relations (ISM) of the University of Warsaw. Dr Maciej Raś (ISM) and dr Wiktor Ross (The Centre for East European Studies) were participated in the scientific meeting as an experts. The discussion was moderated by PhD Students of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw, Michał Szczygielski and Ewa Szkop.

Seminar participants discussed an influence of Russian power elite on the internal matters of the state and its foreign policy. The first speaker was Dr Wiktor Ross who characterized, through numerous references to the Soviet times, current power elites of the Russian Federation. In his speech, Dr Ross gave particular attention to the strong economization of the Russian elites. The second expert, Dr Maciej Raś, described an influence of state’s power elite on the process shaping of Russia foreign policy. He agreed with the previous speaker opinions and pointed out significant economization of the foreign policy. Dr Raś noted that although Kremlin is relatively open to cooperation with the West, Russian foreign policy is frequently shaped for the use of internal politics and is distinct from authorities’ real intentions. Moreover, the expert highlighted that Russian oligarchs are interested in strengthening relations with the West and at the same time they seek to maintain status quo in Russia itself.

The seminar ended off with a discussion with participants of the seminar.
























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