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Section of Law and International Institutions

Section of Law and International Institutions

The Section has twelve employees and one doctoral student. Most of them have a background education in law. Three are retired professors, eminent specialists in the field of international law, members of international bodies making decisions in issues regarding international law regulations, one is a judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. They remain active in the Institute’s didactical activities. They hold doctoral seminars, participate in research programmes, publish books and articles.

In didactical terms, the Section is mainly responsible for legal subjects, but others as well – in accordance with the needs of the Institute and the staff’s own interests. Its employees have written numerous publications, both monographs and articles in joint publications and scientific periodicals, Polish and foreign. They take part in scientific conferences in Poland and abroad.

The Section’s employees are involved in the organization and conducting of classes in the two-year English language supplementary studies ‘Graduate Master of Arts Program in International Relations (GMAPIR) and the first level studies ‘Bachelor of Arts in International Relations’ (BAIR), in the Postgraduate Study of Culture Marketing, as well as in the postgraduate studies of Intercultural Communication in the Field of International Security organized in co-operation with the Ministry of National Defence. All these courses enjoy high popularity and we should expect their further development.

In the near future, the Section intends to launch a new specialization ‘Intercultural Communicating’ and, in co-operation with the Section of European Integration, thoroughly restructure the specialization ‘Contemporary Diplomacy’.

Section of Law and International Institutions

Chairman: prof. Sylwester Gardocki
room 419

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