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Warsaw, Poland & Student Life

Warsaw, Poland & Student Life

You ask me, if you’re not going to get bored here, because studies are not only about studying. Well, there is no boredom here. Believe me, from among around 270,000 students here, many lead a life more eventful than even yours.

They say that this whole student infrastructure has greatly developed in the recent years, and what I am experiencing now is really impressive. For party lovers such as you, there is an infinite number of clubs, pubs, discos, including Stodoła and Remont, which, I am told, are cult venues dating back to the communist times.

You know me, I am a sportsperson and I play in university football championships. I have no idea why Polish clubs get such a whipping in European championships, because the teams that we play against represent a pretty good level of skill, and the cheers of the audience is spectacular.

I have also participated in scenic mountaineering trips and yachting contests (without success). To you I recommend chess, as you should sometimes put a lid on your party side and get some calm and quiet. But everyone will find something here to rose their interest, from mainstream activities such as canoeing, fitness and running, to modern dance, trekking, bodybuilding.

There is culture here all over the place. The cultural life here is very dynamic, with academic theatres, choirs, debating clubs, and many, many others.They have an event here they call the Juwenalia – a university students’ festival or rag, with costumes, marches, games, parties, various events, concerts and plays. It’s a great time to lash out and meet lots of new people.

Now, you’ll probably ask: What about studying, learning and the academic base? I don’t feel that there is anything missing. There’s student governments, scores of study associations and interest groups. There’s also countless possibilities of participating in courses and traineeships, legal counsel and business incubators, for all those who want to become businessmen or simply execute interesting and innovative ideas with the support of business and academic centres. Those interested in becoming involved in social or political issues can join various societies and associations. It’s really nice to see how people can organize themselves here, since the country is developing fast and some find it difficult to keep up.

All in all, there can be no boredom here. When you come, I hope to see you in person dancing cracovienne in the Cracow folk costume in one of the numerous folk dance clubs. That’s how you live and study here. To the full.

Your Bernard

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