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Valeria Dimitrova from Ukraine- Graduate Program

ValerijaWarsaw is a great place for active and ambitious students. The University of Warsaw has a broad variety of opportunities for students from University academic clubs to foreign exchange programs.
I have chosen the Faculty of International Relations and there I have met many interesting people from different countries. The Faculty has also a rich scope of subjects to choose from. In addition, the experienced academic Staff helps students to learn not only from theory but from practice as well.


Rajendra Prasad Ojha from Nepal- Undergraduate Program

Schowek01Warsaw –  capital of Poland is the place where I experienced cheapest form of living. It is one of the well managed city having various means of transportation that modern world should have. Beside this it has good root system. University of Warsaw is best university of all mostly in the field of International Studies. When I completed my higher education in Nepal; I chose International Relation for my further studies. I chose University of Warsaw as bridge to firm up my dream and my choice was correct. I found friendly and cooperative environment inside the university. University not only focuses on giving credit but also help student making them engaged with lots of Personality building program. For instance; it organizes different international conference inviting different intercontinental Personality of certain field.  University of Warsaw has helped us a lot building different international agreement with different universities in order to burst our cultural, political, philosophical and geographical Knowledge. These kinds of agreement have made us experience what globalization and global society really is; for this I would heartily appreciate every institute of University of Warsaw.

Manal Hamood Al-Hammadi from Yemen – Graduate Program

ManalI chose University of Warsaw because my friends recommend it for me and I don’t regret my decision; students are friendly, professors are cooperative and the M.A. program is equally good.
Though I wasn’t sure that I will like Poland but I am in love with Warsaw now, nice city, kind people and above all very suitable for student life and budget. When my friends ask me where to study in Europe, I immediately respond come to Poland you will enjoy the experience here.


Anirudh Bani from India – Graduate program

AnirudhWarsaw is modern city with traditional values and the University of Warsaw is a dynamic educational Institute. Faculty has a very cordial atmosphere, professors are assertive and helpful. Frequent visits by the experts in International relations like Ambassadors and scholars helps our cause to understand complex international affairs thoroughly.



Piotr Narel from Poland- Graduate Program

PiotrI chose University of Warsaw as my place of Masters Study because I wanted to get in touch with my Polish roots. I am originally from Łódź but I spent about 16 years in the United States. I wanted to go specifically to Warsaw because I developed a liking for it after years of flying into the city on my way back to Łódź. After spending so many years abroad, I couldn’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else in Poland other than Warsaw. The city’s vibrant rhythm is what really makes me love the place. Every day I am discovering more and more of what Warsaw has to offer. The University is just one of those things. As with the city, I think there’s a place for everyone at the University of Warsaw.


Lydia House from United States – Undergraduate Program

LydiaLiving in Poland is an incredible cultural experience as the city is a perfect mix of old and new.  This is evident in the generational differences between grumpy old “babcie” working at the corner stores and the young and hip youth.  The architecture is also a mix of dynamic new buildings placed right next to communist-era apartments.  As an American I feel like we have a lot to learn from Poland as to how to mix tradition and progress.

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