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The results of the student essay competition Beyond Polish and Ahead of Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group

It’s our pleasure to announce the winners of the essay competition. The Jury has decided that:
1)    the First award goes to Liv Heinrich for the essay “Ethnocentrism in the Visegrad group, its causes and its influences on the Bratislava process”
2)    the Second award goes to Weronika Wilkos for the essay “The Hungarian presidency of the Visegrad Group of 2017 – challenges and possible priorities presented by The Bratislava Declaration”
3)    the Third award goes to Viera Carolina Lopez Lasunova for the essay “Defence Cooperation within the Visegrad Group”

Apart from financial awards, the winners will take part in the international conference (Budapest, 4-5 May 2017) and their essays will be published in “Biztpol Affairs”.

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