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The second edition of The Summer School for students from Mexico

The second edition of The Summer School for students from Mexico

The second edition of The Summer School for students from Mexico was organized by Doctor Łukasz Gołota, Institute of International Relations UW, in July 2017. The programme of this project was focused not only on lessons which are connected to international relations, but also on some knowledge about culture and history of Warsaw and other Polish cities. Some excursions were organized to the Parliament of Poland and the Embassy of Mexico.

Moreover, everyday during these three weeks some other excursions took place in Warsaw to the centres of Polish culture, f.e. to POLIN Museum of the History of the Polish Jewish, Copernicus Science Centre, The PGE National Stadium, The Royal Castle and so forth. The aim of this programme was not only to give some new information to students about different kinds of EU issues, but also to show them the Polish culture as much as possible. The Summer School was an opportunity to meet new interesting open-minded people, deepen knowledge in various fields, have a good experience going abroad and make memories for life.

Despite a short time, the organizers of this project and the students from Mexico became one big family. Cooking Polish and Mexican traditional dishes together, playing football every week and going to other Polish cities made us even closer.

The last week of the Summer School was planned to be spend in Cracow. The aim of going to the city was to see Polish architecture, develop knowledge about Polish culture and Jewish people living in the area. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to integrate with Polish people even more. We have also planned excursions underground the Old Town in Cracow, visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau, walking through the beautiful streets of Kazimierz district and also eating Polish traditional cuisine there.

On the last day of the project students from Mexico got certificates which contained the information on subjects, assessments and ECTS.

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