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The seminar with the visiting fellow Carolina de Stefano (University of Piza)

On 21st June 2017 the seminar dedicated to the genesis and dynamics of Russian contemporary federalism took place at the Institute of International Relations. The session was opened by dr Hamed Kazamzadeh (the Center for East European Studies, University of Warsaw) who characterised the current relations between the federal authorities and the local authorities of the Northern Caucasus. He identified the main challenges the Kremlin faces today in this area. The central part of the seminar was dedicated to the project of Carolina de Stefano (University of Piza) – visiting fellow at the Institute of International Relations. Carolina de Stefano presented her findings of the research she conducted in the Russian and American archives. She reconstructed the negotiation process between Moscow (Soviet and Russian) and the local authorities in years 1988-1993. The seminar was moderated by dr Alicja Curanović.

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