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Visit of dr Lukasz Golota at Tecnologico De Monterrey in Mexico 2018

On 19-24.02.2018, dr Łukasz Gołota attended  “Experience Abroad Expo 2018” organized by Tecnologico De Monterrey / Mexico. This is the biggest, international event  at this university in a year.  The Mexican university, with over 100,000 students, is a partner university of the University of Warsaw, operational institution of the agreement is ISM.  Over 80 people from 17 countries took part in the event. Dr Gołota also delivered a series of lectures at five university campuses in: Mexico City, Queretaro, Puebla, Gudalajara, and Monterrey. Topics of the speeches concerned the current situation in the European Union and its neighborhood. Robert Kaleta, vice president of the Universitatis Varsoviensis foundation, also participated in the event.
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