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Visit of the delegation from Institute of International Relations at the University of Sichuan

On March 12th, 2017 the delegation of the University of Warsaw arrived at the University of Sichuan (SCU). Representatives of the Institute of International Relations (Professor Joanna Starzyk-Sulejewska, Dr. Anna Wojciuk, Dr. Aleksandra Jarczewska, Dr. Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala, Dr. Rafał Ulatowski, Dr. Łukasz Gołota, Dr. Szymon Kardaś oraz Aleksandra Jaskólska, MA), the Institute of Political Science, the Institute of Social Policy, and the Institute of European Studies of the Department of Political Science and International Studies together with delegates of the Polonicum Center and Department of Economics went to China upon the invitation of the University of Sichuan and within the Youth Leadership Program.

Polish participants take part in a series of lectures and seminars covering the Chineese initiative „One Belt, One Road” and they also discuss new, common projects including research and teaching. The representatives of the Institute of International Relations held meetings with researchers from SCU’s School of International Studies, Institute of South Asian Studies and Institute of European Studies.

This is the next step in mutual cooperation between the University of Warsaw and the University of Sichuan initiated in 2014 by the Director of the Institute of International Relations, Professor Jakub Zajączkowski. Within the framework of cooperation both sides plan to sign a bilateral agreement and open the University of Warsaw to Chinese students within the Polish+ Programme (2-year-studies in the Polish Language at the SCU followed by a 3-year-programme at the University of Warsaw in the Institute of International Relations or at the Department of Economics).

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